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Rape and Depression

by Kevin Caruso

Many of the angels who are raped suffer from depression afterwards.

It is hard to imagine any women enduring a rape and NOT becoming depressed.

Rape is extremely traumatic and a woman is violated in the worst way possible. And, oftentimes, brutal assaults accompany rape.

The vast majority of rapes are committed by someone the victims knows, which is another extremely difficult thing to deal with. Sometimes it is a family member or relative.

And although the rape is NEVER the woman’s fault, a victim can still feel shame and guilt.

Numerous difficult emotions can be experienced by a precious woman who was raped, and oftentimes the feelings are not expressed.

The fear of what other people will think about her, the concern about what will happen in her life, the concern about what will happen if she goes to court…all these thoughts can be swirling in her mind.

And a woman who is raped can stop trusting people, even the good people in her life, because she is so deeply traumatized.

It is no surprise that most women who are raped become depressed.

Let me talk directly to any woman who is reading this who is suffering from depression because of the rape:

Many, many, other woman have felt what you are feeling right now.

They got through it and so can you.

I KNOW you can get through this because I have seen one survivor after the other beat depression.

And what did they do to beat their depression?

They got help.

If you are depressed, you need help. Period.

You need to get into therapy. Find a therapist that you like, and stay with her. Let your feelings out. She will help you.

And reach out to people you trust.

Talk with family members and friends that you trust.

And realize that you may need treatment for your depression. You MAY need to take medication. I have known innumerable rape survivors who say that medication saved their life. So please keep the option for medication open.

And take care of yourself. Try to eat right and exercise.

Do things that will relax you. Take warm, soothing baths.

Listen to relaxing music.

Be gentle with yourself.

But please get help.

And have confidence that you WILL beat your depression.

Remember that you are a special, unique, amazing person.

And remember that I love you and I support you.

Take care of yourself,

Kevin Caruso
Rape Help.com
Founder, Director, Editor-in-Chief

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